Our Story

Due to frequent rejection decisions from most top journals, the pioneers of this great organization came together in research agreement to proffer a permanent solution to alleviate the problem, thus mitigating its perceived effects, hence the Script Readers initiative was borne.

Script Readers Academy is an online proofreading and editing outfit, geared towards providing excellent and groundbreaking services to research conscious authors as well as aspiring ones especially those whose native language is not English.

At Script Reader, we ensure a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners as well. We view this as a core component in improving satisfaction and experiences with our services, therefore we implore you to provide us with a feedback to help us serve you better.

Our Core Values

Our goal is to build a culture of excellence in collaboration with like-minded, research conscious individuals and organizations across the globe. At Script Readers Academy, we know that research success depends on much more than just access to money. We understand the broader needs of authors/researchers, be they veterans or post-graduate start-ups. Our core values are hinged on the following:





We shall deliver the best services to authors and research institutions with the highest level of proficiency and commitment.

Business Focus

We are architects of value. We shall pursue excellence in ways that create superior value for authors through a wide range of products and services.


Our enduring success lies in collaborating and supporting each other with the best teams to deliver value for authors and research institutions.

Service Excellence

With passion, we relentlessly seek innovative solutions that will deliver great value to authors and research organizations.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help authors across the globe, realize their full potentials.

Authors’ Expectation


Paper Quality




Acceptance Rate