HOLY SMOKES!  A GREAT SUBMISSION SCRIPT IS COMING YOUR WAY NEXT WEEK! STAY TUNED! Genre: Drama/Light Sci-Fi Premise: Set in the near future, a group of women partake in an experiment at a mysterious company that promises to solve their inability to find love, albeit do so in controversial ways. About: Darren Aronofsky. Need I […]
Genre: Sci-Fi Premise: An interplanetary explorer and a little girl crash land on earth 65 million years ago and must make it to their escape ship while avoiding the most dangerous predators the planet has ever known. About: 65 inched its way towards a 13 million dollar opening this weekend, landing in third place behind […]
Yesterday, we discussed the drudgery of formulaic writing via Rob Liefeld’s 2 million dollar monstrosity, “The Mark.” Today, I’m going to thank Andrea Moss for pointing me to Seth Sherwood’s tweet thread, which takes on the current industry formula for writing “elevated horror.” Sherwood is probably best known for writing 2017’s, “Leatherface.” 1. HOW TO […]
From the creator of Deadpool comes a 2 million dollar spec sale from the 90s that was supposed to be the next huge Will Smith franchise. What happened?? Genre: Action/Adventure/Supernatural Premise: A mild-mannered campaign worker receives “the mark,” a special ancient marking that gives him all sorts of special powers. About: This was supposed to […]
The hottest horror director in town charges in and grabs a juicy new horror story. Genre: Horror (short story) Premise: When a new home is moved onto an empty lot in a Texas town, it begins haunting all the houses around it. About: What did I tell you guys? Write those short stories! Especially in […]