Tomorrow is the deadline for logline entries in March’s LOGLINE SHOWDOWN! We’ve already found one great script through Logline Showdown. Let’s find some more! Submission details are inside this linked post. Genre: Horror Premise: A promising first-round draft pick is invited to train at the private compound of the team’s legendary but aging quarterback. Over […]
A rare submission script that lands an IMPRESSIVE rating! Genre: Thriller Premise: A serial killer has an entire city living in fear – until he is kidnapped by three petty crooks looking to make their big score. The ransom demand they make to City Hall is chillingly simple: “Give us a million dollars or we’ll […]
Yet another million dollar sale on a story that can best be pitched as A Quiet Place meets The Sixth Sense!! Genre: Horror Premise: After a devastating health diagnosis, a recently divorced woman moves back in with her estranged father and becomes the only person who can see oddly inactive creatures hanging around their small […]
We’re going old school here – an article that could’ve appeared on Scriptshadow 1.0. All you advanced word-slingers, take the weekend off. Cause I’m speaking to my newbie homies, those of you who just joined the craft and don’t know where to start or how to put pen to paper. You imagine a screenplay – […]
Everything Everywhere All at Once meets Time Crimes meets Mulholland Drive Genre: Drama/Supernatural/Trippy Premise: Burdened by the loss of his wife to a suicide cult, an embittered investigative journalist infiltrates an elite secret society, only to find something far more sinister. About: This script finished with 14 votes on last year’s Black list. The writer, […]