Genre: Supernatural/Thriller/Horror Premise: When a retired war journalist returns to the outpost where her son was stationed to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, she uncovers unspeakable horrors. About: This finished in the middle of last year’s Black List. Peter Haig is a writer-director who, up until this point, has focused mainly on short […]
The writer of Pig gives us an intensely dramatic sci-fi tale Genre: Drama/Sci-Fi Premise: The year is 1955. The small town of Boon Falls has provided a local forest as refuge to aliens fleeing their war-torn planet. When Mia–young woman dealing with the trauma of her mother’s death–stumbles upon an Alien woman who needs her […]
HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! Just as Jesus was resurrected on this day, so is my Star Wars frustration! One of the more toxic trends I’ve seen lately is this act of making money off of complaining about franchises, Star Wars being one of the biggest examples. These complaining videos started out genuine. They were people who […]
Today, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, David Aaron Cohen. David’s been working as a writer in this business for 30 years. The two of us have bonded over our Chicago deep-dish roots and mutual love of tennis, specifically our fascination with the sport’s newest superstar, Carlos Alcaraz. David was able […]
Genre: Dark Comedy Premise: A dark comedy about the Hindenburg Disaster; or, the mostly true story about one of the biggest f—kups in history, the a—holes who tried to cover it up, and the female gossip reporter who made some Nazis very angry. About: This is a Black List script from last year. The writer, […]