Former winner: Blood Moon Trail You’ve got one day left to send your loglines into April’s Logline Showdown. I want some stupendous loglines to choose from so don’t hesitate to submit. Here are the submission details… ****************************************************** What: Title, Genre, Logline Rules: Your script must be written When: Send submissions by April 20th, Thursday, by […]
Is Hotel Cocaine the next Casablanca? Genre: 1 Hour Drama Premise: Pitched as “Casablanca in late 70s Miami,” Hotel Cocaine follows a hotel that acts as a neutral site where everyone on every side of the drug trade can co-exist… in theory at least. About: Chris Brancato is a pretty big TV writer. He created […]
They took each other on in the comments section. But now they’re battling it out on the page! We’ve got a first-ever for you on Scriptshadow today. Two of our most opinionated readers have decided to square off against each other to determine who can write the better script. There’s some backstory worth getting into […]
One of my favorite directors hops on a thought-provoking concept with shades of Charlie Kaufman! Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama Premise: After dying, a man is re-born into his life, reliving it from the start, unable to do anything but observe. Except for one difference – he saves a woman’s life who changes everything. About: Did someone say […]
Today is going to be fun. We’re going to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, which is to talk about the screenplays that most influenced screenwriters over the last 50 years. Every five years or so, a script – usually from a new screenwriter – hits the scene and, all of […]