Genre: Horror/Dark Comedy Premise: A prolific serial killer struggles to suppress her desire to kill during a weekend-long engagement party hosted by her new fiance’s wealthy, obnoxious family. About: Our Showdown-winning logline! Rosemary won the contest with 33 and a half votes. That was 35% of the total votes. Writer: Sam Van Meter Details: 100 […]
Is Victoria Pedretti our Rosemary? I get a lot of e-mails after these Logline Showdowns from writers who are miffed that their loglines didn’t make the big show. While I don’t have time to respond to every one of these inquiries (I can respond to anyone who gets a logline consultation – they’re $25 – […]
Genre: Satire/Comedy Premise: Shunned by elite society as a member of the gig economy, a sociopathic dog walker infiltrates an exclusive L.A. community with designs of reaching the top of the neighborhood’s social ladder. About: This script finished in the top 10 of last year’s Black List with 20 votes. This appears to be the […]
Today’s big 90s spec sale is part The Fugitive, part Shawshank, and part Hell or High Water. Genre: Thriller Premise: After a daring prison break, a bank robber forced to work with two problematic fellow prisoners, heads back to his home town to make things right. About: Shout out to Scott for making me aware […]
How a screenwriting fatal flaw is silently killing all the latest Marvel movies. Ant-Man crept over 100 million dollars for the 3-Day weekend (104 mil), saving a little bit of face, but not much (Black Panther 2 opened to 181 mil, Thor Love and Thunder to 144, Doctor Strange 2 to 187, and Spider-Man No […]