Hey, guys. I’m off for the holiday. But I wanted to give you a venue to talk about the latest Stranger Things episodes. I wish I had more to say about Stranger Things but I’ve always been only a casual fan. I keep trying to binge watch it and while I can always appreciate the show, I have a tough time getting into it for some reason. I still don’t really know why. I think I liked it when it was a simpler show. As its mythology has expanded, I’m just not as invested.

There is a show I HIGHLY highly highly highly recommend – and I’m probably going to do an article about it at some point – which is The Bear. It’s about a rising culinary star who’s forced to take over a beef sandwich joint back in his hometown of Chicago (Wuh-what!) when his father, the owner, dies. You know what it reminds me of? Uncut Gems. It’s got that same frenetic high-stakes move-move-move style. And, of course, I love any opportunity to promote something from my hometown, especially when it’s actually good.

The Bear is on Hulu. At least check out the pilot episode as it’s only 30 minutes. Then let me know what you think here!