We also answer a screenwriting question that seems to be getting asked more and more every day: Is the character description dead? Genre: Spy, 1 hour drama Premise: A CIA director who heads up the “Lioness” division recruits a new female operative to embed into a Middle Eastern family in order to take down the […]
Genre: Horror Premise: A workaholic toymaker’s life is turned upside-down when her sister dies and she gains custody of her young niece.  So, to keep her niece company, she creates the ultimate toy, M3GAN. About: While the big box office story right now is Avatar reaching 1.7 billion and confirming that James Cameron truly is […]
As the New Year rang in, I went back through many of my old articles and I was surprised at the extent of the minutia I covered. If you were someone just getting into screenwriting and you stumbled across this site, you may think this craft was so overwhelming, why even bother? To be fair, […]
Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi Premise: A married couple attending a gender reveal party are quickly informed that they must stop the reveal party at all costs… or the world will blow up. About: This script finished top 10 on the Black List. Jack Waz has been slowly working his way up the ranks. He was a writer’s […]
Genre: Drama/Thriller Premise: A young woman obsessed with eating healthy becomes convinced that all the food she puts in her body is rotting, leading to her having a meltdown at her sister’s wedding. About: This script finished NUMBER 1 on the recently released 2022 Black List. Writer: Catherine Schetina Details: 94 pages One of the […]