Today’s script JUST SET THE BAR for 2023!!! Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy Premise: A low-level worker on a spaceship run by a dark god must steal the most powerful weapon in the universe to save his workplace crush. About: This script finished Top 10 on last year’s Black List. The writer has a lot of credits […]
Genre: Drama Premise: A pregnant pizza delivery girl becomes infatuated with a customer, a mother desperately trying to raise a son on her own. About: This script finished top 5 on last year’s Black List. The writer is very new and green. She has one produced credit, writing an episode of Law and Order: Organized […]
Genre: Post-Apocalypse/ZombiePremise: Set 20 years after a zombie outbreak, an alcoholic teams up with a young girl to find his brother.About: I have not seen HBO go more all-in on a new show, maybe, ever. They have been promoting the heck out of this thing. As a point of reference, they didn’t tell anyone The […]
Also, does Carson actually know what he’s talking about? It’s time for me to cash those receipts. The problem is, I don’t know if the receipts will support my claims or refute them. I guess we’re going to find out together. That’s because today, I go through the last ten movie releases that I’ve done […]
Genre: Comedy Premise: When his girlfriend catches her boyfriend doing something unthinkable, she leaves him, forcing him to consider the unthinkable – therapy. About: This script finished top 10 on the most recent Black List. Shane Mack has one produced movie under his belt in 2020’s Coffee and Kareem, which was on Netflix and starred […]