Genre: Action-Thriller Premise: After an ex-Marine turned lawyer sees that he’s been reported dead in a local car accident, he gradually learns that he’s the target of someone involved in a top secret government program. About: Million dollar sale back in 1993 to Arnold Kopelson, the producer of The Fugitive. Christine Roum, the writer, still […]
Genre: Comedy Premise: Four women in their 80s who have built a weekly routine of watching Patriots games decide to travel to the Super Bowl together so they can see Tom Brady win, what they believe, will be his final Super Bowl. About: When Tom Brady retired, he immediately set up the first movie for […]
The second episode always reveals the truth of whether you have a good show or a bad one If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m fascinated by this series. I think it’s kinda gangster, and also kinda insane, to try and make a show that looks exactly like another show that happens to be one […]
It’s here! If you are unaware what the Logline Showdown is, every second-to-last Friday of the month, I will post five loglines that were submitted to me. You, the readers of this site, will then vote for your favorite in the comments section. I will then review the script of the logline that received the […]
As I continue to read tons of amateur screenplays for my consulting services, I’ve noticed that I continue to give one note again and again. That note is, “Take a risk!” Take a risk SOMEWHERE in your screenplay. Because if you don’t take any risks at all, it’s very hard to write a screenplay that […]