You may not have asked for it. But you’re sure as heck getting it. Another Star Wars article! (Hey, at least this time I tied it to screenwriting) The Mandalorian Season 3 is just around the corner. And the most recent trailer has gotten me thinking about Star Wars. I actually liked the trailer. As […]
Genre: Horror Premise: A drug addict returning from rehab kidnaps her daughter from her father then tries to skip town, only to end up at an old BnB chased by an evil tooth fairy determined to take her daughter from her. About: This script finished in the bottom 25% of last year’s Black List. Chris […]
Genre: Sports Thriller Premise: A desperate cyclist and his charismatic new team doctor concoct a dangerous training program in order to win the Tour de France. But as the race progresses and jealous teammates, suspicious authorities, and the racer’s own paranoia close in, they must take increasingly dark measures to protect both his secret and […]
Genre: Comedy Premise: A white Jewish accountant falls in love with a black clothing designer and the two must deal with their parents’ unique perspectives on their relationship. About: Kenya Barris, the creator of Black-ish, is finally getting into the feature film game with this script he wrote with Jonah Hill. The movie premiered on […]
Hey, Jordan didn’t make the cut of his high school team either.  So if you’re on this list, it may be a good thing! This is a reminder that on the second to last Friday of every month, we’ll have a logline showdown here on the site. Send your title, genre, and logline to me […]