Every second-to-last Friday of the month, I will post the five best loglines submitted to me. You, the readers of the site, will vote for your favorite in the comments section. I review the script of the logline that received the most votes the following Friday.

If you didn’t enter this month’s showdown, don’t worry! We do this every month. Just get me your logline submission by the second-to-last Thursday (May 18 is the next one) and you’re in the running! All I need is your title, genre, and logline. Send all submissions to carsonreeves3@gmail.com.

If you’re one of the many writers who feel helpless when it comes to loglines, I offer logline consultations. They’re cheap – just $25.  E-mail me at carsonreeves1@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Are we ready?  Voting ends Sunday night, 11:59pm Pacific Time!

Good luck to all!

Title: 1 v 1000
Genre: Action
Logline: During the Bali holiday of Nyepi, where it is illegal to be outside, an AI engineer, marked for death by the Yakuza, must flee a thousand pursuers across the empty countryside.

Title: Thump
Genre: Thriller/Comedy
Logline: Two teenage porch pirates become entangled in the deadly world of illegal drugs and organ trafficking after they unknowingly steal a package that contains a human heart.

Title: Unfrozen
Genre: Horror
Logline: As Disneyland prepares for its 50th Anniversary, an unfrozen Walt Disney starts a murderous rampage through the park and it’s up to Roy E. Disney, his timid 75y.o. nephew, and Michael Eisner, the brash CEO he’s trying to oust, to stop him.

Title: Every Other Day
Genre: 1 Hour Drama
Logline: An emotionally unavailable artist and an unhappily married ad exec, who have been involuntarily switching bodies every night for twenty years, find their delicate situation complicated when the exec’s mistress turns up dead.

Title: Nice Guy
Genre: Thriller
Logline: Over the course of one day, a resilient young woman is terrorized by a self-proclaimed “nice guy” who refuses to take no for an answer after asking her out.