“First of all, this script is way too long. 180 pages is 80 pages more than anyone in Hollywood is willing to read. Next, you’ve got this overwhelming theme of saving the planet that’s obviously a political message. Nobody wants political messages in their movies. They just want to be entertained. Your main character, Jake, […]
One of the more controversial new screenwriters on the scene comes at us with yet another one of his high concept ideas Genre: Drama/Thriller Premise: (from Black List) When her domineering director makes her film the same scene 148 times on the final night of an exhausting shoot, actress Annie Long must fight to keep […]
Would you like to know the winner of last week’s grudge match? Before I give the final tally, I have to say that this was CLOSE. I’m not sure what I was expecting. But I didn’t think the competition would come down to the wire. There were too many voters. You figured someone was going […]
Some really fun stuff in this newsletter. David Aaron Cohen gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like dealing with Austin Powers himself, Mike Meyers. Let’s just say that his spidey-sense was screaming at him that this supposed amazing opportunity might not turn out so well. I also give you a review of […]
Every second-to-last Friday of the month, I will post the five best loglines submitted to me. You, the readers of the site, will vote for your favorite in the comments section. I review the script of the logline that received the most votes the following Friday. If you didn’t enter this month’s showdown, don’t worry! […]